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Unit 203 Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm

(previously CS31)


This course follows on from chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting. Felling and processing trees is great fun, hard work and immensely rewarding. Time out in our beautiful woodlands is a perfect learning environment. You will be taught a variety of cuts used to fell trees, and learn how to then process a tree to site specification.


Pre-requisites: 201 and 202


  • Current HSE legislation and safety guidelines
  • Risk assessment and emergency procedures/ site safety
  • Personnel Protective Equipment P.P.E
  • Assess the trees to be felled for hazards and risks
  • Fell trees
  • Assess leaning trees and the safest method of felling
  • Make accurate felling cuts
  • De-limb felled trees in a safe and systematic manner
  • Cross-cut timber accurately to site specification
  • Assess tension and compression in timber
  • Safe procedures to remove a trapped guide bar
  • Handle and stack timber using safe manual handling techniques
  • Safe takedown of hung up trees using appropriate equipment
  • Safe use of aid tools


Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm Assessment

Unit 203 (previously CS31) assessments are carried out directly after the 3 day course, or at a more convenient date later on.


Assessment only: For candidates who feel they have enough experience to pass, we offer an assessment only option. We do however recommend our one-day refresher course for anyone who feels that additional support will help achieve a pass.


For information on price and course duration, please see our Ground Based Arb and Forestry Courses page.

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