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2 Rope Climbing & Aerial Rescue REFRESHER
2 Rope Climbing & Aerial Rescue Refresher

Date: 1st September.
Location: Suffolk
Refresher training in the 2 rope working system and aerial rescue to ensure you are up to date with the latest industry standards....More

Access a Tree using Rope and Harness & Carry out Aerial Rescue Operations

(previously - CS38) Date: Training: 7th - 11th September. Assessment: 14th September.
Location: Suffolk
Award in tree climbing and rescue. Access a tree using rope and harness, carry out aerial rescue operations....More

Chainsaw Refresher

(previously - CS30/31 REFRESHER) Date: 16th September.
Location: Suffolk
A Chainsaw Refresher course involving felling up to 380mm, processing felled trees, snedding and crosscutting techniques and more....More