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Tree I.D, Prune and Fell Trees Ground & Aerial

(previously - UA2)

Date: Training: 4th - 5th August. Assessment: 6th August.

Location: Suffolk

UA2.1: Tree species recognition, Growth Characteristics and associated hazards.

UA2.2: Prune and fell trees (Ground)

UA2.3: Prune Trees (Aerial)

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201/202/203 (201/202)
Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-cutting and felling up to 380mm.

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307 IA
Carry out Aerial Tree Pruning

Date: 27th - 28th September.
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206/306 (203)
Access a Tree using Rope and Harness & Carry out Aerial Rescue Operations

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308 (204)
Carry out Aerial Cutting of trees with a chainsaw using free-fall techniques

Date: Training: 11th - 12th October. Assessment: 13th October.
Location: Suffolk
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