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Unit 305 Emergency Tree Work Operations

This course covers the potentially dangerous task of dealing with hazardous trees in an emergency situation. In-depth risk assessments and legal obligations are a crucial part of this interesting and informative practical approach to assisted felling and severing of root plates.


Pre-requisites: 201,202,203



  • Current health and safety legislation
  • Risk assessment and emergency procedures
  • Legal and environmental considerations
  • Emergency planning
  • Sever root plates less than 18” diameter
  • Sever root plates more than 18” diameter
  • Use of winch and equipment for restraining root plates
  • Assisted tree felling using ropes and winches
  • Crown breakdown

Unit 305 Assessments


The one-day assessment can be carried out upon completion of the course, or at a later date to suit you and your team. In addition we do offer an assessment only option to those who feel they are competently trained and ready to be assessed.


Refresher Courses

If you need to brush up on your skills when it comes to dealing with trees in an emergency situation, why not take one of our one-day refresher courses – a great way to hone individual skills.


For information on price and course duration, please see our Ground Based Arb and Forestry Courses page.

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