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April 2016 Arb Courses and Assessments

February 8, 2016

Book a space on one of our upcoming spring courses below, alternatively contact Bek via email or ring us at the office.

CS38 206/306
Training: 4th – 8th April
Assessment: 11th April

CS41 309
Training: 6th – 8th April
Assessment: 12th April

CS32IA 301IA
Training and Assessment: 11th – 13th April

CS30 201/202
Training: 18th – 19th Apri
Assessment: 25th April

CS30/31 201/202/203
Training: 18th – 22nd April
Assessment: 25th & 26th April

CS39 308
Training: 20th – 21st April
Assessment: 22nd April

Chipper IA
27th April

Upcoming Courses

Access a Tree using Rope and Harness & Carry out Aerial Rescue Operations

Date: Training: 5th - 9th October. Assessment: 12th October.
Location: Suffolk
Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting.

Date: Training: 8th - 9th October. Assessment: 13th October.
Location: Suffolk
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