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Unit 307 Aerial Tree Pruning Course

(previously CS40)


An excellent course that looks in more detail at the biology and anatomy of trees, and why, when and where to prune. We look at a variety of different tools that may be used to prune and their advantages and disadvantages in differing situations and areas within the crown of a tree. This arboricultural pruning operations course is aimed at people experienced in tree climbing and using a chainsaw within a tree.


Pre-requisite units: 201, 202, 203, 206, 306, 308


  • Understand the current legislation and industry good practice, especially adherence to BS3998
  • Understand potential environmental damage that could occur and how to respond appropriately
  • Perform a hazard evaluation of the tree and working at height assessment
  • Understand how tree species, their condition and the time of year affect the work
  • Be able to define pruning prescriptive terms and measurements
  • Principles of target pruning and the effect on tree pruning operations
  • Understand the importance of accurate and appropriate cuts when removing branch material.
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a range of pruning tools
  • Perform various pruning techniques

NPTC Aerial Tree Pruning Course Assessment

The 2-day course for unit 307 (previously CS40) includes integrated arboricultural pruning operations assessment.


For information on price and course duration, please see our Aerial Training Courses page.

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