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UA 2.2 & 2.3

Combining classroom tuition and woodland instruction, this course provides candidates with the right skills to carry out ground based and aerial pruning at live sites upon passing the assessment.


This course covers the approved procedures for all types of live line tree cutting. We work up from the use of insulated tools for ground-based pruning through rope assisted felling techniques and onto climbing techniques essential for aerial working around live overhead lines. It’s a busy, interesting course that covers all aspects of live line tree cutting with a real emphasis on the underpinning knowledge that ensures safe working at all times.



Pre Requisites: CS30,31,38,39,40, and UA 1


  • Prune trees safely from the ground in proximity to overhead power lines
  • Aerial pruning techniques


UA 2.2 and UA 2.3 Assessment

A full day of assessment is carried out following the 2 days of training. For candidates who already have the right skills, we can offer an assessment only option, please talk to one of our instructors regarding eligibility.

UA 2.2 and UA 2.3 Recertification Training

To remain qualified, it is essential that recertification is taken every three years to the highest level held. Recertification for UA unit 2.2 or 2.3 includes a day of training to brush up on skills prior to the 1-day recertification assessment.


For information on prices and duration of these courses, please see our Utility Arb Courses page.

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