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Unit 204 Operate Chainsaw from Rope & Harness Course

(previously - (previously CS39 & 308))

Date: 3rd-4th March 2022

Location: TBC

Once you’ve honed your climbing skills, it’s time to move on to using a chainsaw. The key to working safely and efficiently is all in good work positioning, allowing your full attention to be focused on achieving accurate cuts. This course allows you to build on, and expand the techniques already learned in Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue training.


Pre-requisite units: 201, 202, 203, 206, 306


  • Operate a chainsaw from rope and harness
  • Understand the legislation and safety guidelines pertaining to the use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness
  • Understand the safety considerations to be observed in organising a worksite
  • Carry out pre-start checks to the chainsaw, cold and hot starting techniques
  • Demonstrate techniques for hauling chainsaws into the tree and attaching them appropriately to the harness
  • Use appropriate techniques for establishing secure and comfortable work positions
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of various step and sink cuts and correct final pruning cuts
  • Use top handled/lightweight rear handled chainsaws in a safe and efficient manner to remove light and medium weight branches
  • Understand and fulfil the duties and responsibilities of a competent grounds person
  • Deal with arisings appropriately


Also covered in this course is an introduction to basic tree biology. You will learn the characteristics of different species, the effect of the pruning cuts we use, and how the trees respond to those pruning cuts.


NPTC Aerial cutting of trees with a chainsaw using free-fall techniques Course

Assessments for unit 308 (previously CS39) can be carried out once the 2-day course has been completed, or at a later date.


Assessment only: We offer an assessment only option for those who feel they are competent in the skills above. There is no requirement to have previously attended a Red Stag Training course, however, we do recommend our one-day refresher course.


For information on price and course duration, please see our Aerial Training Courses page.

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