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UA 2.1 & 2.2

This course is aimed at those wishing to start a fully operational career in the Utility Arb industry. It is delivered in both the classroom and one of our excellent forest locations.


Basic tree recognition and use of approved insulated tools & assisted felling.

This course is where the practical elements of Utility Arb training come into play. We cover the UA2.1 (course description above) but then go on to build on this with the practical application of using insulated tools to prune trees away from live network as well as the setting up of non-return rope systems to guarantee the safe directional felling of trees in close proximity to overhead network. We also cover the approved procedures for live line tree work.


Pre requisites: UA1 , CS30, CS31


  • Identify tree species
  • Identify growth characteristics
  • Identify hazardous trees and branches
  • Prune trees safely from the ground in proximity to overhead power lines


UA 2.1 & 2.2 Assessments

There is a full day of assessment following completion of the two-day course. If you are interested in an assessment only option, please get in touch as this may be possible if you have the necessary skills to be able to pass the assessment without further training.


UA 2.2 Recertification Training

UA certificates are valid for a maximum of 3 years. To maintain a qualified status it is essential that recertification to the highest level held is taken every three years. UA 2.2 Recertification training includes a 1-day course to brush up on skills prior to the 1-day recertification assessment.


For information on prices and duration of these courses, please see our Utility Arb Courses page.

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