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Unit 304 Felling and Processing Trees Over 380mm Course

(previously CS32)


An interesting, detailed and exciting course that deals with the techniques required to safely fell trees over 380mm, including instruction in the safe use of winches which will benefit your felling techniques. Fantastic course that will bring your felling to a new level.



Pre requisites: 201/202/203



  • Good practice and relevant health and safety legislation
  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency plans/procedures for the worksite
  • Potential Environmental impact on site
  • Hazards and risks with trees to be felled
  • Fell trees over 380mm/15”
  • Safe method of felling leaning trees
  • De-limb/sned felled trees in a safe and systematic manner
  • Assess tension and compression in timber
  • Use of reduction cuts on oversize timber
  • Crosscut timber accurately to site requirements
  • Safe removal of a trapped guide bar
  • Handle and stack timber according to best practice
  • Assess a hung-up tree
  • Select and inspect winching equipment
  • Set up and safe use of the winch
  • Select safe takedown techniques
  • Select and use hand tools safely




Felling and Processing Trees Over 380mm Assessments

Assessments for NPTC Unit 301 can be arranged for the end of the course, or at a later date. We also provide assessment only options for those who have previous experience and feel they are ready for assessment.


301 IA (CS32 IA) Integrated Assessment
This course offers training and integrated assessment for felling and processing of trees over 380mm as one complete package.


For information on price and course duration, please see our Ground Based Arb and Forestry Courses page.

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